Special Sessions

Special Session on AI for Social Good in the Connected World


Dr. Yang Liu and Prof. Jiming Liu
Department of Computer Science
Hong Kong Baptist University

Call for Papers:

We now live in a hyper-connected community where information is transmitted at the speed of light, with socialization lead to high people’s mobility blurring the physical boundary between people originated from different places. Living in this hyper-connected world, not only are people gaining greater exposure to information from other ends of the world, the connectedness has also breed new behaviour patterns the world has never experienced before. As a result, new opportunities and novel problems from the connected world both arise. Innovative and effective approaches which tackle the problems in the new connected-world domain, such as public health, social security and communication, economics, and education by utilizing sophisticated AI technologies, are of urgent demand. Appropriately applying AI techniques to solve social problems in this connected world will provide the public more effective ways to uncover the hidden knowledge and capture the insights of the problems, thereby efficacious precepts for social good can be conceived.

 This special session “AI for Social Good in the Connected World” aims at providing a platform for researchers from academia and industry in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, web mining, social science, cognitive science, public health, urban computing, knowledge engineering, and multimedia computing to exchange ideas and explore novel AI methodologies for modeling complex social-related data as well as efficient solutions to complicated problems arising from different social scenarios in this connected world. The topics of this special session include, but not limited to:

  • Advanced AI techniques and computational models in the connected world
  • Knowledge discovery and data analytics in the connected world
  • Data sharing and integration in the connected world
  • Data security and privacy in the connected world
  • Human-centered computing in the connected world
  • AI for public and personalized healthcare in the connected world
  • AI for social computing and information retrieval in the connected world
  • AI for urban computing and smart city in the connected world
  • AI for public welfare in the connected world
  • AI for sustainability in the connected world

Submission Deadline:

July 10th, 2019

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